02 July 2008

How to Create a Million Dollar Stream of Income With Your Mind Now!

Permanent Million Dollar Income Stream

Have you ever felt that you've been cheated?

Perhaps you purchased something and it didn't live up to your expectations?
Maybe you bought something and it broke within a few days or found out later that what you purchased wasn't what you really wanted . . .

For most of us, this has happened at least once in our life. My point in bringing this up is to point out to you how you are now focusing in your mind about that event. You remember it don't you. You remember specific details of what happened . . . and you are probably in a bad mood because of it, aren't you?

Well, I want to point out to you . . . right now . . . that you can STOP those thoughts NOW, by concentrating on something else. Go ahead and think about what you would buy right now when you have a million dollars in cold, hard cash.

That's right, you might be thinking of a new CAR, BOAT, MANSION, TOY, HELPING OTHERS, being free and perhaps you are even thinking of a VACATION or trip to HAWAII or other trips you would take. One person once told me that he was thinking about the words he would say to his boss when he quit his job.

Now, as you are thinking about having your own MILLIONS DOLLARS, what would you do? How would you fee when you have a MILLIONS DOLLARS now? Now STOP thinking about that and LISTEN to LEARN how you can not just "think" about it, but actually create it in your life INSTANTLY!

You don't think it's possible? Think again!

If you've been going through the exercises I've just guided you through, you might not have noticed that when I asked you about being cheated, you got a little upset. When you remembered that experience in your mind, you literally create the same physical sensations that you experienced in the past during that event. Your mind accessed the same thoughts, feelings and sounds that you had at that time in your life. You might have felt upset or slightly angry when you remembered it.

Then, if you thought about having your own million dollars . . . what happened? If you actually could imagine it in your mind, you really did think about what you would do with it, you probably even could see yourself living a "different life" than what you are living right now. Did you do it? Did you experience it? I did. If you didn't, start from the beginning and do read it again - and this time, try to see it in your mind and honestly think about what you would do with your own million dollars.

The fact is, that our minds are more powerful that we know. As humans, we can literally take something from our past and relive it over and over and over again. You might know someone who does this. Think about it. Have you ever heard someone say almost the same thing when something goes wrong? Maybe they say "I had a bad childhood," or "I'm no good at X," or some other negative statementthat they have placed upon themselves.

Without going into scientific details, you can learn to master your mind and use it's creative/ remembering ability to bring into your life whatever you want. Specifically, you can change your mind so you create, not only abundance in every form, but you can actually create a Million Dollar Income Stream into your life . . . now.

How? By using the same tools that others use to bring themselves down into despair and create poverty, you can use those tools in new ways that bring you up into happiness and prosperity and create a Million Dollar Income Stream now.

Just like you thought about what you would do with the millions of dollars, if you will DO the following exercises EVERY DAY - you will create Million Dollar Income Streams in your life. It WILL happen instantly, effortlessly, and naturally as you trust in the power of your mind to create what you want.

Remember, what I am about to share with you are the EXACT STEPS to ensure your success. These are SECRETS. They have been hidden from the general population for a reason. Now that they are going to be revealed to you, please honor them and take them seriously.

Now LISTEN. This is very important. Even though I know thousands (if not millions) of people will eventually read this material, only a select few will actually implement it. Why? Because even though the Million Dollar Income Stream will flow into your life effortlessly and naturally, it does require some EFFORT on your part - only initially. After you set up the system (in your mind), it will be simple, natural and effortless.

So, I invite you to be one of the FEW who will USE this priceless information. Do what needs to be done initially and then, reap the rewards for the rest of your life. Now, these are the EXACT steps to create a Permanent Million Dollar Income Stream in your life NOW . . .

STEP - 1
You must first eliminate all doubt from your being. Eliminate all hate, eliminate all sorrow, eliminate all excuses. In short, you must BELIEVE that this will work for you, because it will. So, step one - have faith that as you do this, it will work. Believe that it will work for you and it will.

STEP - 2
You must take only 15 minutes a day to be by yourself (alone) to perform the MILLIONAIRE EXERCISE. I don't care if you have to go into your closet or bathroom and lock the door - but you must do it. Don't question it, just do it.

STEP - 3
You must close your eyes and repeat the following verbatim (word for word) - preferably out-loud for the entire 15 minutes. "Every minute of every day, millions of dollars flow to me now . . . instantly, effortlessly, naturally now."

STEP - 4
You must repeat that statement over and over and over again in a rhythmic manner for at least 15 minutes of every day for a two month period.

STEP - 5
After the two month period of doing that everyday, you must set a goal of exactly what amount of money you want to have. For example, if you want $1,468,920.00 you must start using this amount in your statements. So, you would say "One million, four hundred sixty-eight thousand, nine hundred twenty dollars flows to me now, instantly, effortlessly, naturally now." Do this for the next 3 months.

STEP - 6
During these next 3 months, after you are done repeating the phrase, you must think about either having that exact amount of money in your bank account (visualize yourself looking at your bank statement with that exact amount of money on your statement). Then, feel good about your accomplishment.

STEP - 7
Circumstances and situations will start arising in your life that will allow this exact amount to manifest itself into your life. Simply be positive (remember you cannot doubt, for if you do - you will not obtain the money) and allow the universe to work its magic in your life.

STEP - 8
Repeat steps one through seven. By doing so, you will acquire Million Dollar Income Streams in your life. You now have the exact steps. Remember to use them.
Thank you for allowing me to share these secret steps with you. I wish you complete success as you create your own Million Dollar Income Streams . . . now.

By Reed Byron, Master Hypnotist.

This article is excerpted from the book Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters

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