02 September 2008

Heal Your Soul With Flute Songs (From: Spiritual Nation)

These info comes from Website: http://www.spiritual-nation.net/

(I found these website through their CD's which I have bought it and the persons who has made single perform at KL Sentral Terminal Departure Hall.. ) You can download the beutiful melody songs through their website.. Enjoy to hear it.. Heal your Soul through these meditation songs.. It has been so long that I want to find these kind of music..


Welcome dear friends once more to an imaginary journey into the Native culture through the enchantment of the Inca music. Because nature and earth are elements in our life and music is the rhythm of our hearts and minds. This collection of musical expressions is part of the ageless cycle of creation of new stories and traditions that belong to the personal experiences of all indigenous people regardless of their ancestry and draws upon the music of both the old and new world of inspiration, synthesis of diverse traditions of the "Americas".

The songs flow from us like a fountain that cannot be contained, a road that has no end, the force of the mountain, winds that breath our songs, The sweat of our ancestors, the stories that must be told, the music that must be played. We perform with pride and respect the traditions of the Indigenous cultures of the Americas dignity and love for our craft It's our destiny.

History is only a dream,

The future has not happened,

The present is changeable

Spiritual Nation

Our Music:

There are melodies in our lives that mark us forever that once you hear them they stay in your mind, and they break any obstacle that the language, culture or generation may have. Since the decade of the sixties the world has lived in a popular urban globalization of music. The young people of South America and North America as well as the industrial countries have been raised with this kind of music, they all have the same dreams, and they all have heard the same sound of guitars and the same voices of the music. In regards of the different language the world has always wanted to be one, and it has been that way in part.

In our Indian villages have been some translators of popular music that have been raised hearing this tones, and they also have tried to have their own tradition. Spiritual Nation is recognition to this, that with their melodies have brought dreams and hopes to places never imagined. To those who open the doors for the young generation of popular authors. Spiritual Nation is a group of pioneers that mix rhythms and instruments. There are new ways of trying to play different voices of other to renovate our own. The songs are the same true, but the feelings are different.

Our Project:

In December of 2000, the members of Spiritual Nation founded in Chicago, USA, ODIPE (Organization for the Development of the Indigenous people of Ecuador) a non for profit and an independent organization. To develop and collaborate with projects that promotes art, culture.

To ensure the economical, social and cultural justices of the Indigenous peoples based on the principles of equality among the indigenous peoples and the people of the countries that surround them. To promote knowledge and traditional practices on the use, conservation, preservation and sustainable development of natural resources.

One of the main objectives of ODIPE will be to the creation in Ibarra, Ecuador, the Native village of the members, a Cultural Center dedicated to the New Generations where can we teach the traditional values and arts to the children and to encourage them to be proud of their cultural heritage. In a world of accelerating change, where values are eroding in a homogenous blur, what is worth preserving requires commitment and financial support. The commitment to preserve cultural traditions is by necessity an ongoing one. You financial support is great help for the objectives of the organization, but more important, it is an investment that will continue to reap benefits for generations to come.

Contact Informations:

USAInca Rhythms, C/o Harold Fromer, 7225 S. C.N. Rd 1150 E. Sheridan, IN 46069.Ph: +317 758 1020Email: ecuadorinka@aol.com

UAEMarc Farinango, Office 508, The Fairmont Dubai, Dubai, P.O Box 73310. Ph: +9714 311 6540Fax:+9714 332 8810 Email: sacred_spirit43@yahoo.com Email: marc.farinango@gmail.com

Malaysia Spiritual Nation Sdn Bhd, A-20-5 Jin Sepadu 3, Pearl Point, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. Ph: + 603-95431581 Fax: +603-95431582 Email: marc.farinango@spiritual-nation.net

Contact Admin: admin@spiritual-nation.net


Spiritual Nation is a group of young Inca musicians dedicated to promoting the essence of traditional Inca music in a spiritual and very unique way, the result of this fusion is the Spiritual Nation’s ability to deliver a message of universal peace and harmony, which inspires that haunting sound, transmitted by their ancient flutes and pipes in combination with contemporary instruments. The music they share has been passed down through the generations from the Grandfathers.

Musical education in their homes begins as soon as they can hold an instrument, around age five. Many of the instruments are handmade in traditional ways with native materials; bamboo, sheep hooves, goat skins and armadillo shells. If the instruments are not captivated enough their sound will surely entrance you.

The Band's Members:

Marc Farinango has born in Ecuador in 1969. Is a Quichua native from the Imbaya Nation, which his ancestors are the Incas. Since he was very young he showed he likes music and he started to learn how to play the instruments and he chose the flute, He have been performing and joining different bands until 1989.

In 1989 he went on tour to Europe with his own brother and started to perform in cultural festivals and ethnic events. In 1990 decide to continue his studies in some American Institutions. Is in USA where he developed most of his career. In 1993 he traveled to New Zealand and Australia and he got an invitation to perform in United States and he established in California for 2 years and performed all over United States performing and sharing the Inca culture with the Inhabitants of North America and Canada.

In 2000 traveled to Japan to learn about the traditions and culture and to promote his cultural heritage with the Northern Japan (Sapporo) and he traveled participating in some Japanese Masteries (festivals) in 2001 he received an Invitation to perform in Dubai at the famous Dubai Shopping Festival and later at the Global Village at the International Pavilion. It was the trip which made Marcelo Farinango to decide to be established in the Middle East to promote the culture and the music for the inhabitants of this region of the World and have been performing in Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Iran....

In Iran he understood the beauty of its culture and its people and its ancient civilization and decided to stretch bridges of brotherhood with his music and tried to promote human harmony and spiritual healing.

Marcelino Vega comes from a very well know family of traditional musicians, artists, and dancers in South America, Ecuador. He has the ability to perform with his instrument and dance the traditional dances as well. In the year 1987 he traveled across Ecuador with the Traditional Dances Group Imbaya”. In 1989 he traveled with a friend to Germany and he decided to study the language and the culture, but he changes his mind when he felt there is something missing in his life, because he has the music and dance in his blood. In 2000 he traveled to Canada and performed Native American Cedar flute and Pan Flute in different concerts and Special events, but he remembers with a little bit of nostalgic his Performance during the Winter Olympics which was held on Winnipeg Canada.

When he performs with his flute he will transport you to an imaginary journey into the past full of nostalgic and full of harmony. Carlos Morales, is a Native Quichua from the Imbaya Nation in Ecuador. He is also member of one of the most famous indigenous families of Folk musicians, artisans, artists and flute and Pan Flute Makers in his Village. Morales is a virtuous of the Flute and Pan flute. His music is healing, eternal and earth conscious.

His songs celebrate survival and have a deep spiritual essence. Since his early years he discovered a talent to perform all kind of instruments, particularly the Pan flute. He traveled around the world sharing his talent and his culture. In 1999 he visited the Dakota Reservation and learned more techniques to play the Pan flute and the Native American Cedar Flute.


Since 1989 around the world.

Europe: Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Sweden.

Middle East: Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Iran, Qatar,

Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand as well Festivals:

Have participated in over 25 states in the US: art fairs; trade shows; conventions, etc.

Fiesta San Antonio, Texas, Viva Chicago Latin Festival.

Canadian National Exhibition 1999.

Democratic Convention Chicago 1996.

Memphis in May Fest, Tennessee 1996, 1998, 1999. International Festival, Houston Texas 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003.

Wisconsin State Fair, Wisconsin 1999, 2001. Oklahoma State Fair, Oklahoma 2001, 2002.

Dubai Shopping Festival UAE 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Qatar Summer Wonders Doha, Qatar 2003.

International Ney Festival Tehran, Iran 2004.

Christmas in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2004.

TV/Radio appearance/videos: MTV/Have a Heart Benefit. Coctel Gala... Paramount Studios, CAJerry Springer Show.. Chicago, IL. Dunia Show, Abu Dhabi TV.UAE.PBS/WGBY Caught in the Act (prize-winning feature) NPR/WICN Brown Bag Radio Concert, Worcester MA. Continental Cablevision.

Radio features and interviews on WUTC (TN), and WFCR, WTCC, WMAS, WRSI, WMUA, WRNX, Associated Press national spot.

Performances: In early 1992 Spiritual Nation made their big move to Southern California. Since their first summer at their new home, they amazed crowds at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts and the Escondido Street FairMontrose Arts Festival, Los Angeles Pomona Fair. In 1993 Spiritual Nation was invited to perform at different International Festivals and Art Shows across the United States and Canada. Spiritual Nation has made his presence in Sound Tracks, Television Appearances, and is heard in hundreds of Radio Stations around the United States of America, Latin America, and Europe.

Their continuous appearances in Universities, Colleges and Festivals have brought audiences to their feet amazed at the skills and professional performance of Spiritual Nation. The group has participated in Festivals in Sydney in Australia and in the Aomori MatsUri in Japan.

In 2001 the group made his first Middle East tour invited by Mr. Ahmad Al Masri to participate at the Global Village during the Dubai Shopping festival, the response from the Arab audience was excellent and they started to visit and participate in the very important shopping malls and Festivals in the Middle East Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar. In Sept 2004 Spiritual Nation performed at the First International Ney Festival at NIAVARAN palace in Teheran, Iran. The response of the audience was excellent especially for the New Generation who went to the concert.

In Dec 2004 Spiritual Nation travel to Malaysia and performs at the famous Kuala Lumpur by the Twin-Towers attraction large crowds and sympathy of the listeners. In March 2005 travels for first time to Kuwait City by invitation from Mr. Jaffar Dashti TV Director from KFAS (Kuwait Foundation for the advancement of Sciences) and performs at Marina Mall and other venues.

Source: Visit to Website http://www.spiritual-nation.net/


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