01 October 2007



Being just an ordinary human being wandering along the pathway
of life, I've evolved this simple philosophy to guide me:
To affirm that I am proud to be a member of the human race; to
recognize that, regardless of colour, class or creed, man's
destiny is my destiny, that only as we learn to live together
will we move forward together.

To accept life as it is and go along with it, bravely trying to
change what needs to be changed and serenely adapting myself to
what cannot be changed.

To realize that no experience in human life is alien to me and
my responsibility is to meet whatever happens to me with
fortitude and courage.

To admit that, being human, I am bound to make mistakes, but to
make as few as possible and to try to avoid making the same
mistake twice.

To recognize the frailties and foibles of human nature and to
try to be everlastingly patient, forgiving and understanding.

To promptly forget slights and insults and to hope that others
will not hold against me the winged arrows that may in anger or
irritation escape my lips.

To share my courage and hope with others and keep my fears,
heartaches and disappointments to myself.

To go my way quietly and humbly and not worry too much about
mysteries I cannot explain. To do my best here and now and let
the future take care of itself.

To be grateful for the precious gift of life with its limitless
possibilities. To glory in the power of human beings to rise
to great heights and to outdo themselves in miraculous works.
To find inspiration in the words of Browning: "A man's reach
should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?"

To understand that the goodness of God can be known only through
human goodness; that when I express the highest and best I
express God.

To confront the inevitable fact that I share with all human
beings a common end: that someday Death, the kind old nurse, will
rock us all to sleep, so we should help each other while we can.

To admit that, being human, I often fail to live up to my own
philosophy, but to keep trying nevertheless.


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